ROS1 and NSCLC testing service

ROS1 rearrangement positive cases occur in around one percent of NSCLC cases. These cases have been associated with responses to certain Tyrosine kinase inhibitors and some therapies have been approved for use by the FDA in these cases.

Similar to the ALK rearrangement assay, the ROS1 assay detects rearrangements in the gene via dual colour Fluorescent in situ Hybridisation at 6q22.1

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Information for test processing

To request ROS1 testing, the first point of contact is the dedicated Lab 21 Customer Services Team who handle:

  • Test Requests and Customer Support
  • Liaison with Sample Retention Sites for sample retrieval if required
  • Reporting of the results

Not provided under our UKAS accreditation.

Please see our Accreditation page for full scope of accredited testing.

Sample requirements
Full requirements for sample preparation can be seen on the sample handling instructions.