HIV-1 Integrase Resistance Test

Resistance interpretation based on HIV-1 Integrase gene analysis.

In order to optimise the use of antiretroviral therapy for a particular patient, Lab 21 can provide a comprehensive set of tests which are able to detect the mutations in the viral genome to accurately assess viral susceptibility to the full range of current HIV-1 treatment options.

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Reporting results

The Integrase assays use nested PCR to produce nucleotide sequences. After QC these nucleotide sequences are then used to generate a specific patient’s resistance report.  The sequence is input into an algorithm hosted by Stanford University and the corresponding interpretation is then included in the final Lab 21 report.

The corresponding report is then dispatched to the requesting healthcare professional and stipulated contacts.

Reports will be dispatched within 14 days of receiving a sample.

Tests Offered

Lab 21 offers 3 tests to enable the clinician to assess a patient’s resistance to the available HIV-1 drug therapy:

  1. The standard analysis of drug resistance to Protease and Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors.
  2. Specific analysis of resistance to Integrase Inhibitors.
  3. Tropism testing covering the V3 region, analysing resistance to CCR5 antagonist therapy.

Provided under our UKAS accreditation.

Please see our Accreditation page for full scope of accredited testing.