About Us

Lab 21 Clinical Laboratory supports healthcare providers and the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries with technically advanced testing services from its accredited facilities in Cambridge, UK.

The Lab 21 team’s experience and know-how is coupled with a rapidly growing portfolio of molecular and viral diagnostics, plus next generation sequencing, pharmacogenetic and patient profiling tests, which all use cutting-edge technology. This unique combination adds value to pharmaceutical, diagnostic and biotech partners – and directly to clinicians or healthcare providers as they treat and monitor their patients.

As we move towards truly personalised healthcare, the Lab 21 team contributes today – delivering high-quality information on drugs and patients that provides real clinical insight.

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Our Vision

We can look forward to healthcare that will be more effective and efficient – for individual patients, for the systems that deliver care, and for the companies that develop drugs.

Profiling will predict the risk of certain diseases or conditions developing, and we will reach a more complete understanding of the impact an individual’s genetic make-up, lifestyle choices and environmental factors can have on disease progression and response to therapy.

Our Focus

Today, Lab 21 customers can access tests and services across a broad range. Our expertise in specialised molecular diagnostics such as tumour profiling, pharmacogenetics, drug resistance and therapeutic drug monitoring give us an edge in the market – and customers the data they need to support the increasing regulatory, financial or efficiency burdens inherent in today’s healthcare system.

Our Delivery

The Lab 21 commercial team can help define a testing programme relevant to our customer’s needs, for example:

Physicians looking to diagnose disease, prescribe the optimum dose, monitor the efficacy of a particular therapy, or assess drug resistance.

Healthcare providers charged with delivering a cost-effective service who are looking to outsource certain areas of diagnostic testing.

Pharmaceutical, diagnostic and biotech partners looking to develop or commercialise companion diagnostics or other biomarker assays.

Our experienced scientific team, working in our laboratories will deliver – on time and on budget.