About Us

Lab21 is a dynamic and fast growing healthcare diagnostics company which specialises in providing patients, doctors, hospitals and healthcare providers with important high quality diagnostic information for disease identification, disease predisposition and personalised medicine, to help manage their health problems of today and tomorrow.

Lab21 is a unique business, organised across two main trading divisions:

Clinical Laboratories

  • Providing high-end molecular diagnostic services for patients, clinicians and the pharmaceutical industry in oncology and infectious diseases

Diagnostic Products

  • Developing our own molecular assays which are commercialised through distribution to others and also used in our own clinical laboratories 
  • Developing and manufacturing a range of infectious disease tests (including syphilis, malaria, TB, CMV and Chagas) which are sold all over the World for use in the screening of blood supplies

Combining our own manufactured diagnostic products and clinical laboratory diagnostic services enables us to take advantage of development opportunities at the forefront of personalised medicine with the economic benefits of vertical integration. For more information, please see the Lab21 Partnerships website.

Lab21 was founded with a view to building a major international diagnostics business through a buy and build strategy, coupled with organic growth of the above core business products and services. 

We take great pride from the fact that our work is directly impacting the health and outcome of people all around the world.  We believe that ‘prevention is better than cure’ and we aim to provide information that helps to protect people from the health problems of tomorrow.